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We have a flight from Los Angeles area (any local airport) to Charlotte, NC.  We can either arrive in Charlotte or take you to a local airport close to your final destination.

Price:  $4000, all-inclusive.  Can be shared by 1 to 4 passengers:

Departure Date:  Around May 26, 2017 (flexible)

Departure Time:  Flexible

Enjoy a pleasant holiday flight for a change by avoiding the crowded airport hassle.  Fly in comfort better than first class (spacious cabin, lots of legroom, gourmet catering available).  No luggage charges.  No change of planes.  Travel only with your friends or family.  If you have special needs that require avoiding the airlines or you just want to eliminate the hassle of holiday travel, this is your ticket!




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Western Air Charter

Charlotte, NC


Contact Info:,  Toll-Free: 888-662-5613