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Western Air Charter specializes in low cost air charter airplanes to serve Long Beach, California, Van Nuys, Orange County (John Wayne), Santa Monica,   Burbank, Carlsbad, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, and all Los Angeles area airports.  Our air charter airplanes are efficient, and together with our central location, we can offer economical, yet comfortable and safe air charters throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and the southwestern U.S.

Western Air Charter was established in 1996, and incorporated in 2000 as Western Aviation Management, Inc., a California company.  It is a certified air carrier under FAA certificate no. K4SA104H.  A perfect safety record has been maintained, and only Airline Transport rated pilots are utilized.

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Western Air Charter


Contact Info:,  Toll-Free: 888-662-5613, 310-693-4522, skype:  westernca2

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