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Western Air Charter has an opening available for a King Air lease.  If you are a King Air owner, or a prospective owner, we have business opportunities to allow us to offer you an attractive lease for commercial use of your aircraft.  Our business can offer you a positive cash flow on your aircraft, allowing you to own an aircraft with little or no money out of pocket.  There are also very significant income tax and sales tax advantages.  If you are considering purchasing a King Air, we can provide expert assistance in locating a quality aircraft on your behalf at no cost to you.  We are available for complete management of your aircraft, if you so desire.  To discuss this opportunity in detail, please contact directly:


Ken Smith



Email:  kensmith@westernaircharter.com


Western Air Charter


Contact Info:  kensmith@westernaircharter.com,  Toll-Free: 888-662-5613

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